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So this is just a quick note. We did not set up the date till May 29th which was my birthday. So I really started planning the wedding in June for November. Regardless of time constraints I hope you guys are going to have a great time, I hope you will have The Best Time you have ever had at a wedding! It's not going to be traditional but it surly will be Unique!


Thank you Esther for offering to help with various things... I am sure the addresses will look awesome!

Thank You Shannon for offering to help so many times, I greatly appreciate it!

Thank you Susan for offering to do the party for me, you have been very thoughtful!

For those who speak to me on a regular basis..

You guys know how overwhelmed I am with all this planning, especially that I am doing it by myself.. but still I try not to complain. I appreciate every single offer and every single thought! :)



Hi Jessica!!!

I promised I will write something in my blog but only if I love the invites.

And I do!!! I will be ordering place cards and gift tags from you, too.!

I am putting a detailed review of your work on Best Destination Wedding Forum :)

For now, if anybody needs a graphic designer that will listen to your ideas and transform them into something unique, please visit: based in Reno, NV.