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Bill and Stacia welcome you to join them as they embark on their 永遠に ("forever and ever") on August 17th in Reno, NV.  This will be a small, intimate cerimony where family and close friends will witness them begin their journey as a happily married couple.

This day is as much getting family and close friends together so we're be prepared to make the most of it.  Their will be food, drink and dancing so make sure to bring some comfortable shoes because there will be much dancing going on (we selected the playlist so you know there will be beats).  

This is a 'destination wedding' so no one has to drive afterwards and everyone is leaving their kids at hard drinkers, let's drink hard and enjoy yourselves!

Shopping for wedding gifts can be a time-consuming pain in the posterior (where are they registered? what do I get them?) so we wnat to make this as easy as possible.  This is an online registry that give you the ability to pick what you'd like to contribute to on our honeymoon.  No shopping, no wrapping a gift, no hauling it up to Reno...just choose and click.

We have most everything we need...hell, we're you're help in making our honeymoon one to remember is greatly appreciated.