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We will become one! Thank you all for your continued support and unconditional love in our lives. We are so blessed with so many friends and family who love us dearly. We have never been so happy and cannot wait to start our life together! 

Well we have had so many people ask how we met and so i've decided to share the story with you all!! Since i had been overseas doing missions for a year i had decided to go back and do some discipleship training school in Hawaii and continue some more travels. About month two into my schooling in Hawaii I had been getting small whispers from the Lord about something big coming! Without a second thought i had re'tweeted' something on twitter from a guy in ministry that i followed and I hadn't realized that it had already been retweeted from another persons page. Well.. you guessed it- it was Michaels!! So he messaged me and told me that if i liked that quote I should check out his website and book (which had just been published) and so I did! Next thing i know we were in a back and forth conversation with a hint of flirting going on! I kept saying in my head what am i doing this is just so weird! I just met a guy on twitter!? Where is this really going to go?! And Michael will tell you he immediately looked at my picture and said "I bet i marry that girl" Three weeks later and Michael was on a plane to Hawaii to spend the most amazing 4 days of our lives with each other. Though i had to stay focused because I was about to leave for China for 3 months I have to admit I had fallen for this man. He was and IS still the most amazing, romantic, servant hearted man I have ever known. He serves me and treats me like a queen. I never knew a man like this existed in all the earth but I am so thankful that Lord chose me to be the luckiest and most blessed woman in the world. 

The Wedding will be at the home of Mr and Mrs Mike Adams' home in New Concord Ky. (western Kentucky) and is about two hours and fifteen minutes NorthWest from Nashville, tennessee.



Paris Landing Resort

16055 Hwy 79 N.  |  Buchanan, TN 38222-4109

Office: 731-641-4465  |  Toll Free: 1-800-250-8614

Inn / Reservations: 731-642-4311

12 Miles from Venue


Hampton Inn & Suites Murray

1415 Lowes Drive, Murray, Kentucky, 42071, USA TEL: 1-270-767-2226. 

20 Miles from Venue



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