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Nikki Zeuli & Paul Matchett
Location: Hawaii- Kauai
On August 1st, 2007 unbenounced to Nikki (my new fiance) I flew to Cincinnati to propose to her. With the help of her family and friends I successfully lured her to her favorite resturaunt for the love trap. The Riverview Revolving Resturaunt was perfect for my devious plan... gorgeous views of Cincinnati and the Ohio River, devine food and awesome sunsets! Upon her arrival the maitre d' sat her down and alerted me of her presence. So I finished my drink and made my way over to her table to surprise her, texting her a romantic message along the way. However, the Riverview is a revolving resturaunt and I became disoriented and passed her by. While passing her she caught a glimpse of the back of my suit and my crazy hair. Rather than turning back I circled the resturaunt once again to surprise her. As I got down on one knee, presenting the ring I texted her Will You Marry Me? She never received the text, but by instinct and possibly curiosity of the fellow that had passed her a moment before, she turned around and saw me kneeling there. In wide eyed amazement, red faced, and gleaming from ear to ear she gave my shaking body a intimate hug and bestowed upon me many kisses as I asked once more "Will You?" "Yes" she replied. At which point the matraie d' came with a dozen roses and a bottle of champagne.

Afterwards, her daughter came by with presents for the both of us welcoming me to her family. We dined the night away while we watched the sun go down over the city. Over the next several days she was able to show me her hometown and we took a river boat cruise. Went to various dining establishments, museums, waterparks. I met more of her family. It was a splendid time for all!

We flew back together Sunday evening and are in the process of discussing wedding plans. I want to thank everyone who helped make my engagement surprise come off flawlessly and I look forward to seeing you at our wedding. In the meantime, I'm as Happy as I have ever been.

"All you need is love." -Beatles
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