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Stephanie Endsley & Jim O'Bier
Location: Tartan Thistle Bed and Breakfast
The love of my life, my best friend
The love of my life, my best friend
Beau and I met through a mutual friend. We were best of friends from the start. I was engaged at the time and he was got engaged there shortly after.. Over several years time, we were each others leaning post, we would cry on each others shoulders. There was a time we did not even speak to each other because of drama, drama, drama. We started talking again and all of us hanging out. We would talk about once a week or so. Occasionally we would all get together and spend some time riding 4 wheelers or just shooting the breeze. Well not to long after that I seperated from my husband and so I was solo again. Beau started coming around, he had broken up with his girl and was living just down the street from me and my kids. We started talking and catching up with one another and we became inseperable. Best friends we can complete each others sentences. We respect each other,we make each other laugh. We truly love each other, the way a couple should love each other. And now a little over a year later, we want to plan our wedding.
We don't have alot of money, we pretty much live paycheck to paycheck, but we want this day to be really special. As symbol of the love we share for each other and something we will always be able to remember. It will be a small wedding but a symbolic wedding. We do not intend to ever have to repeat this. We want a small western wedding with just close friends and family there. Nothing really fancy, but nice. I will be riding up in a horse-drawn carriage(this is what Beau has invisioned) and we will leave in that same carriage. Simple but nice.
We will have our reception in the same place as the wedding. Nothing fancy, just bbq and beans and such. Not a lot of drinking, we want this to be about us, not about a party. This is our day and we want it to be nice, but quiet. Intimate and pure.
Beau and I want everyone to know that this day is very special for both of us. We have both been married before, as all of you visiting this site know, but this is it. We love each other very much and has respect and love that not alot of people have. We intend to spend the rest of our lives together. NOthing will stand in our way. We thank you all who stood behind us all the way. We love you and look forward to sharing our day with you.