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Kelsey Thamm & Casey Marre
This is how we met...

I was a freshman at Houston High School and Casey had just moved from Colony High to Houston. He was hoping to play hockey for our coach. Casey recalls that I was the very first person he laid eyes on when he walked into the school for the first time. I was wearing my red volleyball warm-ups and was walking down the stairs. I remember giggling with my friends about how cute the "new guy" at school was. However, I said I would NEVER go for him becuase he played hockey and they don't have the best of reputations. I heard through the grape vine that Casey thought I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and went home that first day after school and told his mom that he was gonna marry me one day. A bit creepy hearing that a boy says he's gonna marry you whom you have never said a word too, but after some serious convincing, I agreed that I would at least give him a chance...It was completly against my personality to date someone, let alone someone I had spoken to one time...kinda. He had his friend next to him trying to start a convo, but ended up it was basically just his friend and I having the conversations while Casey just nodded. I gave him a chance, and we went on our first date to the movies. I remember blushing afterward when my mom picked me up saying, "Wow, he is soo cute." Our phone conversation for about the first three months were silent. I was to shy to say anything because I was afraid of sounding stupid. I finally got brave enough to talk and the rest is history. We've been together now for three and a half years.We have traveled all over the place together. From Seattle, to San Diego, to Hawaii, to London and Africa. We enjoy spending time together and I am soo happy I took the risk and dated him!!

The Proposal

It was August 3rd and we were sitting in my parents living room watching tv. We had hung out for the better part of the day. Earliar we had gone and visited Pockie and Grandma where Kelly was there helping Grandma cook. I had a slight suspision that something might be up only because it seemed like everyone was being so careful of their words. I caught the end of Kelly telling Casey "ok call me when you do it..." I kind of thought to myself, "after he does what?" I ignored it and went on with my day. Later that evening as it began to get late, Casey was still at my house just as if it was a normal day. My suspision eased. Around 9 pm he told me he was going to his friend Rian's house. This was normal so I gave him a hug and kiss goddbye and went up to my room to finish a project I had started. Now my room faces the woods and is on the second floor. I was buisily doing my project when I hear something tap on my window. FRIEKED OUT, I ran downstairs yelling for my mom (who knew the whole time what was going on) that someone was at my window!! She tried reassuring me that everything was fine and that I should just go back up there. I made her come with me since I was still scared. After some diliberation, I convinced myself It was safe. Then I hear from my window, "Kels, it's me Casey. Just look out your window." Shocked I looked out my window and he was on one knee, all dressed up, holding a box. He had drove down the road, parked in Steves Food Boy Parking lot and changed closed. He then proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and wanted to spend his life with me. I went outside where he finished telling me all sorts of sweet things and he gave me my ring! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! Kelly later informed me that he took many many days, as well as multiple cancellations and much agony picking out the "perfect" ring. He did an amazing job! His time was well worth it. Being a man, he didn't know he was only supposed to give me the engagement ring and not the wedding band too. It absolutley gorgeous put together, so he had to pry that band away from me :) Although the proposal didn't turn out quite as planned, he was wonderful and sweet and I will always remember it!!
We will be getting married at Faith Bible Fellowship in Big Lake.
We have looked at MANY venues, but we keep going back to Settlers Bay Lodge.