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1.  Hates cooking! About 1.5 years ago I was running a little late so I called and asked him to boil pasta. He said "How do you do that?" immediately followed by "I can't do it". I said "Can ya read a label?" Nonetheless, pasta was cooked when I got home ( very al dente:), but still... and I never again got the "I can't do it" answer. lol

2.  Never complains about the workouts I put him through! (he looks like hell while doing it and can hardly breathe but will not complain). I so admire that!

3.  Can totally keep his cool! Nothing really startles him (I can be walking on my tippy toes around the house in complete darkness and try to scare him at 3am but he just turns around like nothing happened), I on the other hand would jump and scream!

4.  Likes road and mountain biking (although broke his collar bone and wrist on 2 different occasions he refuses to stop)

5.  Loves to snow ski and loves to fly (especially hellicopters). I only skied when I was little and do not remember much of it. I have a major fear of heights so no flying in a small airplane for me. It's hard enough to be seated on an airplane near the window let alone control one of those things :)- still the feeling must be pretty cool:)

6.  Will debate anything with you for hours and hours and hours...if you start a discussion.. beware!

7.  He is the most unselfish person I have ever met. Not only to me but everybody around.

8.  Can repair, build, remodel and fix everything and anything. And if he doesn't know how to, he will go out of his way to learn and do it himself anyway!

9.  Will not eat tomatoes! (All my tricks come to a naught- he will not eat them!:)

10.  Was selected after winning electronics competition at 17years old to represent USA in a international competition in Ireland and won 5th place.

11.  Hates shopping for clothes and groceries! Funny, because I dislike it, too!

12.  Puts work first, has great work ethic and you can always count on him to follow through.

13.  Hates soccer! Thinks that football is a great stratigic game but doesn't really watch it much. I, on the other hand love soccer and think football outfits are the gayest clothes I have ever seen on a

14. Forgets his keys, his credit cards, home depot cards, money. Constantly! Then he searches for them for days!

15. Every weekend Dwayne is BOUND to work on improving our yard. It's Sisyphus work ! I honestly do not think it will EVER end:)

16. He ENDURES... my cooking inability... chicken, tilapia and oatmeal every week with some occasional sushi from Publix. He even says :"It's Good" which is very sweet because even I know that: it's plain, boring and not too tasty.

17.  The one talent he wishes to have is the ability to sing. I love singing and have good voice and rythm because "I got it from my momma, I got it from my momma!"

18.  Last but not least: He loves BOOBS! and I have NONE!

19. Actually this one is the Last One: He has NO IDEA what AWAITS him during traditional Polish Christmas this year. Oh, Boy will this be a surprise and an eye - opener! Snowy, cold Poland- I have missed you for so long and finally -Here we come!!! :)

She is one of the most generous and giving persons I have ever known. Who else would get out of her car and cross multiple lanes of traffic to help a homeless person? (Obviously she is into charity...after all, look whom she is marrying)

She treats her clients as friends and really takes to heart anytime they are not doing well or meeting their own expectations.

She HATES to ANYTHING. No matter what the task she always strives to be the best and do her best. (so of course I let her win)

She also hates laziness, complainers, moochers, and users.

Edyta is an amazing dancer..just wait, you will see.

She pouts when I don't bring her flowers when SHE thinks she should be getting some.

She also pouts when I don't show up with deserts during PMS week.

One word: Tea. She MUST have her tea or she goes into withdrawl. Green tea by day, Senna tea by night. We buy it by the case!

She speaks 3 languages fluently and understands several more.

She is from Poland and very proud of her country!

Edyta has lived in 4 countries and visited 44 others. She LOVES to travel.

She HATES running but runs more than anyone else I know.

Edyta is very disciplined as well. When she sets her mind to something, nothing will stop her.

She is terrified of roller coasters but will ride them anyway for me, eyes closed the whole time.  

She is also terrified of heights and snakes..but especially heights. Will NEVER sit next to the window on an airplane.

She LOVES boats and water skiing (and is mad because I sold mine)

She thinks there is a factory somewhere in America that turns out blondes in pink with big boobs. She seems to notice them everywhere. (or maybe she just notices me noticing them)

She hates that I like boobs, see above.

She makes the funniest noises in her a tortured animal about to die.

She is SO easy to scare. I can simply walk around a corner and she jumps.  She really hates it when a hand comes out from under the bed to grab her leg at 2 in the morning when coming back from the bathroom. (funny to me but not to her).

She is SO ticklish..if she just THINKS I am going to tickle her she goes nuts!

She eats the strangest food combinations I have ever seen, such as salsa and peanut butter on a rice cake or orange marmalade on egg whites, which she JUST ate.





Dwayne's version: As she mentioned above, I love to bike and injured myself a few times doing so. It is one of these injuries that led to meeting Edyta. I had been working out at the gym fairly regularly and riding bikes on the weekend. Well, one weekend didn't go so well. I had a bad crash and broke my wrist. I had to have it fixed with a metal plate and several screws. This, of course, made it impossible to work out or ride a bike...thus, the only other choice was to do a "class" at the gym so I decided to try the spin class. After all, it looked really easy. Boy, was I wrong. I went to "class" and gave it a try. I made it through class that first time..barely, but I did notice this cute girl in front of me that seemed to have been born of the energizer bunny. Not only was she cute but the class did not faze her. She rode that bike for all it was worth and barely broke a sweat! Amazing! I had to meet her..but how?? It was after class one day that I got my answer; I stayed late to talk to the instructor. No one else was there but a few minutes later, in came this cute girl. In her funny accent she asked to borrow a cell phone to call her own..she had misplaced hers. I, of course, immediately handed her my phone. She dialed her number. That was it; I now had her number! The rest is a blur but we became really good friends after this and about a year and a half later had our first date! I tease her to this day that she faked the whole "I lost my phone bit" just to meet me.

Edyta's Version: Wow! He remembers it completely differently than I do. I actually remember speaking to Dwayne prior to that occurance. After the spin class one day, maybe fall of 2007 Dwayne approached me and started asking questions about me riding road bikes or mountain bikes. I told him that I have no interest of doing that because I just LOVE spin classes since there is great music and a cool instructor! (This one is for You Ian :) I informed him that I enjoy it thoroughly and have no desire going on a REAL bike lol. I told him I am from Poland. so then he plain and simple asked me if I planed on staying here. I answered that maybe for now but I am not really sure and that the world is just too beautiful to stay in one place... and not try to see as much of it as possible. He looked at me funny and said: "Well, I guess you haven't found the right guy." I said "What makes you think that?" He replied " Well, it just shows that you don't have anybodyto stay here for" Let me tell you guys, that just made me mad and I replied: " Well, why the hell do you think I should stay here for anybody other than myself? If I happen to meet somebody worthwile, then HE should consider moving where I want him to move, there are no double standards here!" For those of you who know me well, you know I do not mince words and if I think somebody has no right to tell me what I need to do and when, I am going to let them know. So, anyway... I left Dwayne there dumbfounded. About a month later I was on call and misplaced one of the company's cell phones in the gym. I walked into the spin class looking for it and Dwayne offered to lend me his and call mine to find it. Funny part is that he only vaguely remembers the conversation we had prior to that! Another thing is that I ended up going mountain biking with him- and although I was bruised everywhere and had to fly to a conference in Nebraska for a gala event with make up on my arms and legs covering the bruises- I started liking mountain biking and if not for HIM I would have never know how much fun that can be! That's how our friendship started.

Dwayne's addendum: Ok, so she has me here; I did forget about the above until she mentioned it here. Good for me that I have a short memory or I would have been terrified to speak to her after that

Dwayne's story: I know you are probably getting really bored now so I will get to it: I had decided sometime in the spring of 2010 that I was going to ask Edyta to marry me. I knew it would take some time to put it all together but it ended up taking much longer than I had hoped. It all came together near Christmas so I decided that asking her would be her Christmas gift, with one exception; I purposely did not ask on Christmas day. In fact, Christmas came and went and I purposely did not give her ANY gift on Christmas. She had several gifts for me and when I told her that all I had was a card I KNEW she was sorely disappointed but she did not say a word. The next morning is when I asked..well sort of. She had to "work" for the question. Over the previous 2 weeks, I had put together a series of scavenger items to hunt for along with a crossword puzzle to solve and some scrambled Polish words to decipher. Only after all of that did she see the words "will you marry me" in Polish. She was so excited she didn't even notice the ring! That's it in a nutshell; unless she wants to tell more.

Edyta's Story!

Every Christmas I get really homesick. I miss Polish Christmas, the foods, the tradidtions, the midnight mass... For everybody around me here it's a happy time but not for me. I try to do my best so last Christmas I spent a lot of time decorating the house and getting gifts to make it more meaningful as if I were home:) So last year Christmas came and went and Dwayne only gave me a card PLUS he left me ALONE for the whole Christmas Day to go work on some project at his Mom's. I was so so so lonely and disappoined! Plus I was PMSing so it made me truly miserable. Sunday morning came and Dwayne made me my green tea.  When I lifted the cup there was this little poem on a piece of paper with a little plastic bag attached to it (look in Our Engagement Photos- you will see what I am taking about). In the bag I found a clue to search for something... To cut a long story short... he had me running up and down the stairs and across the yard. He had me checking the mailbox, researching on the computer etc for 4 hrs!!! It was fun but Hard at the same time. Once I got all the 16 clues, now That was only the beggining. I had to resolve a puzzle now! Finally I did it! It was all color coded and matched perfectly: the question in the puzzle said "Will you marry me?" in Polish. I was so surprised! And then I looked around at all of those little pieces of paper and colorful notes and the little baggies and the questions ad the puzzle and it downed on me that that's what Dwayne had been doing every night for weeks, cutting and pasting and gluing.. and I remembered.. the scissors and paper laying around, the Polish wikipedia opened on the computer screen... And I started crying not because of the question but because of all these evenigs when he would apologize for giving me no attention but working on this huge proposal project so that it would make sense and match and come together right in Polish! I really didn't know what to say...and then he said "Edyta there is one more clue, read it." So, I did, over and over again. And I didn't get it! I thought, this was it. Then he told me to look IN the Christmas tree- of course I looked under it.. I thought I was getting a gift, like maybe some exercise clothes or a set of dumbells!lol Finally, he gave me the ring because he saw that it would have taken me hrs to find it! lol I love my ring, I cherish it dearly because it doesn't only symbolize a promise but also months of hard work, sacrifice, planning and years of friendship that lead to a life long commitment.

For all of you that are able to make it to our wedding: We are sincerely thankful for all of you in our lives. We know how much effort it took to get to attend. We hope this will be the best time you have EVER had at a wedding.

For those that cannot make it: We love you and wish you could come..but such is life. We will have all the fun without